Belief is Beginning To Move

Ary Scheffer: The Temptation of Christ, 1854

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Sigh. Unemployment has been hard. Heck, let me be honest. It has been very hard. There have been times of self doubt, self loathing even, and if I were to be brutally honest, maybe moments of  doubting God.

In the trials that I have been facing, a very sage counselor and dear friend said that I needed to fully trust God. To let God in and let Him do what He needs to do. Another wise and seasoned counselor (the husband) said that if I went on this journey, my life afterwards, would never be the same. I am so excited by this prospect.

God has forgiven my past. I stand in the throne room as the driven snow, covered by the blood of the Lamb. (Thank you Jesus!!) However, I don’t think I am getting a free pass, as the spirit is leading me to where deeper waters are; healing for others, and if I am truly lucky, and blessed, for myself.Another dear confidant said that it was not going backwards, when I was going back. But reminded me that I will be walking in and carrying the light of God. That is the victory we all can share in. That is to stand at the end of the day as Paul wrote in Ephesians.

Like the Grinch, my heart grew 3 times it size that day and continues to grow. My prayer time with my wife in the past two days has had meaning, relevance to it, not just a nightly lying asleep type of prayer. (Okay, it has been two days but two is better than the million that preceded it.)

Why am I here? To the service of man and to the Glory of God. Life today is better than yesterday and tomorrow is going to be better than today because I am going to make it count.

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