The Big Show: Father’s Day

I am slated to give the sermon this Sunday at the church I attend. And it is on Father’s Day. A day that men will be either staying at home to watch sports or attending church with their families, even if they are not regular attendees. At least, at my church, they seem to come in. Christmas and Easter are always the big draw dates, but sometimes, Father’s Day finds a few new faces sitting in the chairs.

The topic will focus on Paul’s exhortation to the Church at Phillipi, “Work out your salvation.” The verse has been in my spirit for months now, not that I HAVE to work for my salvation, but that there was something that I needed to do, for me. For God.

I wasn’t sure if I was even going to share this particular message with the congregation, or if it was strictly for me. The ,more I prayed, the more it became clearer, that it was for the body. Considering that I am not a regular pastor, doing the Big Show is a tremendous responsibility. An incredible amount of excitement is mixed in as well, because I can’t wait to see what God does, or if everyone will start throwing tomatoes at me.

I’ll post the sermon after I have delivered it on Sunday and in the meantime, I covet your prayers. Standing up for your beliefs is never an easy thing to do. Pharisees abound in every church, preventing freedom of the spirit. I can’t wait!