Black Belt Success

Breaking concrete

Breaking concrete

It’s done. I am now a Black Belt. It sounds so easy to say, to read those words. But the reality is that the test was a proving ground more than physically for me, it was a proving ground spiritually for me as well.

In going to Florida to test, I put God first. I put His will before mine. His will before my fears. I put His will before my daughter’s baptism. I made God my focus, my “target” and walked away battered, but not broken.

Within the first ten minutes of my test, I felt the prayers of those near to me, of those who support God’s ministry and because of it, I was strengthened and encouraged. I sought God, and tried not to focus on my pain, my fatigue and my sweat as it poured into my eyes.

I met great people of Christ in that testing arena. Some offered words of encouragement as the fatigue set in. In the testing area, we became a family and I think will remain a family. It is in that testing area that we all sought the prize of the next belt rank, but more importantly, we sought after Jesus, our Savior who alone delivered us to give us “wings of eagles”.

The USCDKA conference tested our limits. Three days of intense training with some of the highest ranked martial artists on the planet. We were told in once instance, that “Champions don’t give up, they turn it up.” And we did.

I’m home now. Giving myself a few days to work out the stiffness, ease the bruises. I’m home thanking the Lord for an opportunity to do His will, to serve man and to glorify Him in any way that I can. I am home, thinking of the next gold bar for my belt.
Stay tuned…

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