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Going to Swift Current

Big news in our world as we are about to step out and walk in faith. We are moving to a little place on the Prairies called Swift Current to begin ministry!

I have been writing a little about what has been going on with us spiritually, but haven’t given out the nugget of it all until the final prayer answered and God opening up a big door, a miraculous door. Without the prayers being answered directly, we would remain here, tied to a place that really, is no longer home.

Brief recap:
In church several months ago, God says to me, “Heal my people.” I look around the congregation and where there should be white people, I see aboriginal people in do-boks. Okay, I say to myself, that was a little weird.

The word redemption comes to mind a week or so later. Work out your salvation to be specific. I ask a few men of the church about it. One says if God is calling me to work out my salvation, it will be the best thing I’ll do in life. My spirit truly sings when I begin to think of the word, Redemption.

Prayer. Prayer followed by prayer with friends. A drive home gave me a vision of native youths in do-boks, a Christian Tae Kwon Do school. Only one little problem, I am not too interested in going to the Prairies. Maybe nostalgically I was, but not really interested. Sorry God!

A few weeks pass and a visiting pastor spoke about planting the seed. The story of the demon possessed man taught in a new, clarifying way for me. Confirmation that I am to return to the darkness. My spirit begins to soar and reclaim my faith in ways that I had lost in a world of complacency. Sorry Lord.

Visions of the school come clearer and clearer. A complete holistic approach to the native world. Natives are warriors and I want to teach them Tae Kwon Do, but I also want to have the school reintroduce them to their language, to their culture.

I don’t know anything about running a school. Someone mentions the word, “grants”. I begin to Google but it really seems confusing. Really confusing. God tells me to contact a friend I have that lives in Ottawa, working for the government. I sent her a note to ask if she knew anyone in Indian Affairs. She did and loved the idea that I had for the school. She passed me to him who also thought that the idea was a great idea and gave me more contacts to reach out to. Another door opened. Another prayer answered.

My wife applied for a job at a college in Swift Current and they hired her. Another door open. Another prayer answered.

(Can you begin to see God’s glory shining further and further in this?)

Lesson? Don’t keep God in a box. Be open to the way that He moves and be faithful. Your prayers may not be answered today, or tomorrow, but when they are answered, be prepared for the whirl wind because it happens fast!

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