Dream a little dream

I believe that the Lord chats with us in all sorts of ways. Dreams are still one of them. Although this has nothing to do with my recent “financial bondage” revelation, I thought I’d share this anyways.

I’m sitting at a table, with a lot of the people I work with, then I get up and say “this does not concern me.” The table/meeting is in a clearing in a forest. It’s dreary and wet. I start to skip (yes, skip) away and am looking for the path that takes me out. I finally see it – heavily forested and barely visible. I’m excited to see it and I start to skip some more. As I go, the forest gets thinner and thinner and the path gets wider.

Pretty soon I’m skipping down a dirt road towards a hugely red and orange sky. It was gorgeous.

I’m struggling with work right now. I’m spiritually tired. Physically tired. As God prepared David to be king–on the run and put through trials of every kind–I believe God is preparing me and my husband for a journey deep into ministry. We have to get through the forest first and then we can breathe a little easier in a lighter, more open space. Not easy. Did I mention I’m tired? And frustrated? He is faithful. I am hanging on to that.

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