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Great news! I have finally gotten a job! Actually two of them. Three if you count another website development gig that I got as well!

I forgot God for a moment in all of that excitement. I don’t mean I was not thankful to the Lord for providing me with some work. In fact, I was very grateful to the Lord and I still am incredibly thankful. What I forgot was His plan for me.

I have been led to think about going East, to work with the Metis in some form of counselling ministry, perhaps even starting a Christian Tae Kwon Do school. I have been thinking of a city on the prairies and it does not leave me. There is a  groaning of spirit there, for those of you that know what I mean.

But, I forgot that quickly. I am ashamed to say, very quickly. I have a nice life here. In the mountains and with everything (almost) a man could want. But I do not believe that is God’s plan for us right now.

My wife reminded me last night of God’s plan. She went to her bible study and a women that she does not know very well, told her that she has been praying into our situation. She says that she us standing on a hill (I have a special hill that I go to when I am back on the prairies and that is another entry later) with a word hanging over us: Redemption.

When my wife told me that last night, my heart sighed in agreement. I do not want to return. I do not want to go home. I want to do the will of God, here, in my comfort zone. My friends are here. My family is here. My flesh is weaker than the spirit which is singing with such joy about going on with God’s work, no matter where it is.

I ask, humbly, for your prayers as I am beginning a great adventure.


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