Farewell to the Brethren

Going Home

Going Home to the Land of Living Skies

Today marked our last attendance at the Junction Church. In seven days, we will be on the road, heading east for the glory of God, His ministry and for His people.

I wanted to note and to thank some of the people that made today special to me. I am not going to name names, you know who you are. To the one who had the word “Redemption” for me a few months ago. Thanks for your words today. Yes, I believe that once I enter Saskatchewan, things are going to spread.

To the one who said I would be perfect (not perfect in that sense of perfection, but perfect for the ministry that we are going to start and build upon)

Thanks to my pastors over the past ten years, you have made an impact with your teachings. Thank you.

To Facebook comments and well-wishers. Amen and bless you. And bless those that refuse to believe that such things take place. Amen and bless those that do not believe in the hearing from God, or that miracles happen.

Non saved people also think we are crazy! To those whose noses seemed to be bent out of shape and never wished us well, or offered your prayers for our journey. Well, I was a little disheartened because I have supped with, prayed with you for over ten years.

But this isn’t about me or my feelings. This is about God. God’s glory. God’s power. Gods extending love to the unsaved, to the lost tribes of man. I understand that perhaps those that were silent during these past few weeks have busy lives, issues of their own. It isn’t about me. So forgive me if I came off a little put out by your hearts that were not as joy filled as mine.

God IS ALIVE. God is a GOD OF WONDERS! He takes people like me (and you if you let Him) into extraordinary places and have opportunities to do His work. His work!! Not mine, not yours, His.

To my brothers and sisters in Christ and the Covenant Church. Thanks. I think each of you have been awesome in your own way and I pray that you too never shy away from the gospel or His calling.

The walk continues…



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