Financial Freedom Through Christ?

Let me begin by writing one word, about the state of feeling I am in: ‘Arg’! Or preferably, “HELP”!!

Financial Freedom Through Christ?

The wife and I are following Larry Burkett’s study on how to manage our money biblically. Although we are only in our first month of planning a budget, the fear creeps in like a freight train. When it hits, it hits hard and God’s peace is bumped out. The debt is growing and God is trying to move but I wonder if I am letting Him move.

Finances and marriage are the two hardest things to achieve a balance in. Mostly, we have treated our marriage biblically and our finances secularly. We cannot serve God and mammon. We tried and we have failed. We failed miserably.

Now the debt increases. Every earned nickel of mine goes to the debt. Working part time however, doesn’t give a lot to the paying down of the debt. Working part time with eyes trying to focus on a possible ministry is not paying down the debt.

That is where the fear comes in. The fear isn’t: “What is God going to do”?  I know He has my best interest at heart. The fear come from what is God going to do; Now? What is He doing now to prevent me from sliding further into a financial abyss?

Yes, I know the answer. But the answer isn’t always the one we like to hear. Sometimes we have to swim in the mire and let God’s timing come to pass. We have to allow God’s will to supersede our own. I know that. My flesh on the other hand, sometimes isn’t so faithful, so trusting.

If you are in debt, being swallowed by debt, I would recommend looking at Larry Burkett’s study. I would recommend talking with a Christian financial counsellor. Notice that I didn’t say a financial counsellor who is a Christian. There is a world of difference between the two, unfortunately.

I offer the same advice that I try to give myself from pulling my hair out. Seek the Lord. Prostrate yourself before the Lord. Seek His peace. It’s there.

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