Old ghosts have names.

My ghosts all have names. My idols of bronze are being cast away. I am truly feeling that I am standing on the edge of forever, looking forward with one set of eyes, but seeing what lies behind, who lies behind. As I move forward, my past moves with me.

Dust filled sun sets across the myopic eye.  I have been called back, sent back to begin what I should have, could never have started twenty years ago.

I think often of Pastor Greg Fraser’s message just over a year ago that spoke to everything that had being boiling in my heart. To read my initial thoughts, see http://christianvictory.ca/articles/blog/work-salvation/ Now, I am here, where I began. My old ghosts are here. My old ghosts have names and faces.

God has given me a second chance, a third chance, a million chances to walk in His forgiveness, in His mercy. Isaiah 1:18 writes: “”Come now; let us reason together,” says the LORD. “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.”

Every day I have that chance to reason with the Lord. No, I am given that chance to reason with the Lord. He has blessed me beyond measure. He blesses me when I am on the mountain and He blesses me when I am in the valley.

I haven’t written here for a spell, not because God hasn’t been doing anything in our lives, not because I have been too busy. Truth is, I have been too complacent to share with you what God has been doing. I have been too lazy to share with you the great news of God has been doing for us here in Swift Current.

It only takes a second to take your eye of the prize. A second.

Still, I reason with the Lord and I know that Christ stands in the gap for this wayward son. Because I know this, I work harder; strive harder to be what He wants me to be and to be faithfully honest with you, to be what I want to be.

As Pastor Greg spoke, I remind myself of his words which have become my purpose “serve man and glorify God”. That is all I want to do. That is all I want to be. A servant. His servant.

Thanks for stopping in and sharing the journey. If you don’t know this guy Jesus that we write about here, you should give Him a call. He’s waiting for you.

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