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I had my initial meeting with the Pastor today and it went exceedingly well. He was totally up to the idea of a Christian Tae Kwon Do school. He then said that a pastor down the road, a Korean, held Tae Kwon Do classes once a week.

He said that he never knew that, but right after my email introductions letter to him, two people showed up at his church, looking for Tae Kwon Do. He is going to let me talk with that pastor first as he says they are a pretty tight knit community and he does not want to appear to be stepping on anyone’s toes.

The fact that the other pastor is Korean is significant as well. I had been talking to a pastor in Castlegar about the move and he said that I should try to connect with a Korean church as they have made huge inroads into the native community.

The pastor I was talking with today could not help but comment that he could see God‘s hand in this and that something was happening.

Will keep you posted…Setting up a Christian based Tae Kwon Do school isn’t an easy task.

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