Japan, Sovereignty, and Mercy


Japan’s 8.9 magnitude earthquake—the biggest one to ever strike Japan—echoes the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004.

In response, John Piper wrote an article titled “Tsunami, Sovereignty, and Mercy.” The essence of his main points are the same, slightly modified for Japan’s context:

  1. Satan is not ultimate, God is.
  2. Even if Satan caused the earthquake in Japan, he is not the decisive cause of the deaths, God is.
  3. Destructive calamities in this world mingle judgment and mercy.
  4. The heart that Christ gives to his people feels compassion for those who suffer, no matter what their faith.
  5. Christ calls us to show mercy to those who suffer, even if they do not deserve it.

Read Piper’s whole article.

And please pray for Japan.