Do overs and the Vow of the Nazarite

Samson and the Lion

Samson and the Lion

Coming out to Saskatchewan only happened because the Holy Spirit did not just talk to me; the Spirit guided my wife, pastors and others to lead us to a destination of His choosing. Shortly before we left for the Prairies, I was having a shower, (dear reader, I warned you that the point of this site was to be as honest and forthright as possible and I tend to report as it happens) and I just felt that I needed to grow out my hair. A soft voice whispered between rinses, “Take the vow of the Nazarite.”

Now I, like you, are familiar with the most famous Nazarite, Samson, whose long locks gave him the strength of many men. When the locks went, so did God’s power. I wanted to know exactly what the vow was and how to make it.

I kept silent about this word from God … until we were actually in the truck on the way to Saskatchewan and my wife casually said that she thought I should grow my hair long. “I keep seeing you with long hair, wearing white and holding up a cross to people in a field as they walk towards you,” she said.. This was a little weird as we both hate wearing long hair, so I opened up about my “shower” experience.

The vow of the Nazarite quite simply is becoming separated for God. In other words, I tend to consider that it is a period of time that you lend yourself to God. Biblically, the vow is described in Numbers 6:1-21.

Some basic requirements are to:

  • abstain from wine, wine vinegar, grapes, raisins, intoxicating liquors and vinegar distilled from such
  • refrain from cutting the hair on one’s head
  • avoid corpses and graves, even those of family members and any structure which contains such

Now for me, the first one is going to be a little difficult. I appreciate a good drink after a hard day, or even, after an easy day!

The second one is going to be a bit difficult as well as I really do not like wearing long hair. I had long hair in the 80s and it just did not do anything for me.

The third should be fairly easy. Unless someone I know dies. Then that might be a bit trickier, especially not offending other loved ones conceptions of death and the need to be near the body.

Me. The vow of the Nazarite. I am excited by this vow as for me, it signifies a re-do. How many of us get a chance in life for a re-do? Very few and God has granted me that great privilege, a re-do.

This now brings me back to why I am here, in Swift Current. Do I start my own Tae Kwon Do school and totally rely on the Lord for everything? Or do I start building in roads with a pastor here that has a school in the basement of his church?

As you can guess, there are many considerations to be made.

One is that the vision I had in Castlegar, a wood panel wall was displayed prominently. Pastor Kwon’s Do Jang? One side is wood paneling, the other, mirrored for the work out.

The other is that I was talking to another pastor in Castlegar, unrelated to the church I was attending, and he said that I should connect with a Korean church. “Korean?” I asked.

“They have made great in roads into the native community.”

Now I am here. Waiting. Beginning my own training in my basement. Waiting. Praying. Listening.

I have locked myself away to seek His answer and was led to Acts 18:9,10 “Do not be afraid, but go on speaking and do not be silent, for I am with you, and no one will attack you to harm you, for I have many in this city who are my people.”

Acts 19:10 “This continued for two years, so that all the residents of Asia heard the word of the Lord, both Jews and Greeks.”

I think I know the answer, but in the end, need some confirmation. I am writing this to you, so that you may pray for us as we delve into deeper waters.

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  1. pamela
    October 12, 2011 at 3:15 am

    Maybe god wants to encourage partnerships, and building on foundations that are already there; encourage working together- two people with strengths, vision, passion, pooling resources to become a stronger entity. just a thought.

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