Session 9—"Getting Excited about Melchizedek"


D. A. Carson gave a wonderful exposition of Psalm 110 concluding the 2011 National Conference of The Gospel Coalition.

He traced the biblical thread of Melchizedek, concentrating primarily on Psalm 110 and referring to Genesis 14 and the Book of Hebrews.

Carson argued that the New Testament authors are actually careful readers of the Old Testament. The writer of Hebrews understands the magnitude of Psalm 110—the entire law covenant is announced obsolete by the enthronement of this priest-king who is after the order of Melchizedek. The combination of priest and king is forbidden by the old covenant, therefore the institution of the priest-king must be on the basis of a newer one.

Concluding with the theological payoff of Melchizedek, Carson led us in doxology. Our Savior is not only a king who rules over our lives and confronts the enemy, but he is also a priest. He is the perfect mediator between God and human beings because he is God and because he is a human being.

He is the temple, the lamb, and the priest. We read the New Testament and, with great anticipation, come bowing before this God—the good news of Jesus.

Listen to the audio of “Getting Excited about Melchizedek” by D. A. Carson.