I surrender!

If someone told you to “SURRENDER!” what position would you take? Would it be a hands on the hips “give me what you got” surrender? Would it be a face-down position on the floor? Would it be a fighting stance? Or would it your hands be up in the air, in a position of full vulnerability?

Since going home to B.C. at Christmas, and participating in a powerful prayer group that brought my little issues around surrendering everything to God to the surface, I can tell you: I’m learning about what it means to surrender. Every month. Every week. Every day. Every hour.  I am in what seems to be a constant mode of surrender.

I’ve come to realize that “surrendering to the Lord” pretty much means giving myself up so that I can take the next step forward in my spiritual walk. It means giving up expectations of not only myself, but others. Giving up ugly thoughts that are sitting in my heart. Giving up the lifestyle I’ve grown accustomed to. Giving up whatever I think is mine. Giving up my boxed-in idea of who God is and what He can do. Giving up cares, anxieties, accusations … the list goes on.

Bill Freeman of Ministry Publications (Spokane, WA), says: “To surrender means to give everything up to the Lord. Lay it all down. Surrender means you lose your right to handle yourself on your own. In the middle of everything, lose and forfeit your rights to the Lord. Do not move. Freeze right where you are. Do not do anything. Surrender yourself just the way you are. By all means, do not fix yourself. Do not try in yourself to get it together. Surrendering is not merely a once-and-for-all experience. It is continuous, day by day.”

I totally agree. Every time I try to “get it together” and try to take control of what is happening to me and around me, I end up being frustrated to the point of physical illness. No one can live up to my expectations or worldly definition of success (myself included!).

Here’s the thing: Jesus is not calling me to live up to my (or others) expectations or to be successful. He is calling me to be faithful; to persevere through discouragement and to avoid the world version and allure of “grand success”.

He is calling me to surrender–to make room to receive what He wants to give. And what Christ has to give is way more than what I could possibly muster or already have! In surrendering myself to Him, I will inevitably find my true, individual, God-given identity and be able to serve accordingly:

“For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me and for the gospel will save it.” – Mark 8:35

Hands up! I surrender!

And I hope you surrender too!



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