Tae Kwon Do and the Holy Spirit

Yesterday was a big day for me, spiritually. At a cross roads to what God would have me do here in Swift Current, I decided to really press in and seek the counsel of the Most

Tae Kwon Do #4

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High. I fasted and prayed.

As you may recall, I was questioning whether or not to become a student under Pastor Kwon, or develop my own school at the Church of the Open Bible. I did not want to step out on my own will, seeing as how we have moved all this way to be in the Lord’s will.

So as I was fasting yesterday, I was intent on hearing from God. I was waiting to be led into Scripture as to what our next steps should be. A small voice said that the answer would not be found in Scripture, but I continued to flip through the Bible, hoping to “magically” land on a verse that would have the answer. I like black and white. It makes it easy!

As I flipped through the Bible, the small voice simply repeated that I would not find the answer I was looking for there. So I simply said to God; “If you want me to start my own school, then I won’t get an email from Pastor Kwon.”

Within ten minutes, in my inbox, was an email from Pastor Kwon saying I would be very welcome to participate.  I am so thankful that I did.

A part of the original vision was seeing “natives” in doboks, lining up by a wood paneled wall. I went to his church; St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church and was not expecting to see what I saw. I did not see natives in doboks, what I saw, against the wood paneling, were approximately 40 Korean and Filipino kids.

I was immediately filled with a sense of purpose and gratitude. Here I was, six or so months down the road, seeing for real, what I had been shown earlier.  How could you simply not fall down and worship after that? How could you not just want to commit everything that you are to the Lord?

These kids looked at me like I was an oddity, and perhaps I was. I was the only adult, other than Pastor Kwon and I was undoubtedly, the tallest person there.   I almost felt like Gulliver in the land of the Lilliputians.

The class itself was a little different than from what I was used to. During the warm up, I nearly died, and the patterns, or poomses as they are called, were virtually the same. His class actually reminded me of the classes held in Nelson over the ones held at the Junction for physical activity.

We are on a great adventure! Each step is an unknown step, deeper into His river!






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