The subversion of the modern Church

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The subversion of the Church into the New Age theism is snowballing. It appeals to so many people that are looking for Christ, but also “want the facts” . A false teacher can  say the Bible is great, but that there are “other texts” to read to get the clearer picture of Christ.

The Gnostic texts have led many down the garden path to their own destruction I am afraid. There, as you know, is only one authoritative voice, The Bible. There are reasons why those “other” texts didn’t make the cut to get into the inspired word of God. In the modern era, w have people such as Ekart Tolle appearing on Oprah with the newest answers to living.

Taking a sidestep from the Gospels, men like Robert Schuller, Eugene Peterson, Rick Warren and others preach a brave new era, an era that Gene Roddenberry wrote about in the Star Trek series. Nice, Utopian world. An era that calls for people not to take ownership of their sin. There is no long a call to repentance. Peace without Christ is not true peace. I call it Oceania. Actually, George Orwell called it that. Soft little messages from the pulpit become bigger deceptions down the road.

I would recommend “The Emergent Church by Dr. William R. Goetz and

“Deceived on Purpose” by Warren Smith

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