Women in the Church: Power Prayer – Is Anyone Listening?

The Prayer

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I had a rare opportunity to share in prayer with three women last night. My wife has told me about her little group of women that she prays with and how powerful the prayers seemed to her. Yesterday, when I woke up, I was led to ask my wife if it would be okay to sit in with her and her group.

I sat with these women last night and prayed with them for close to three hours. One of the women spoke directly to my life and to the issues that have been lurking in fear. The words were powerful with real meaning and not that “Oh, thanks for that, but I really don’t give a crap” meaning that so many seem to have. I call it pablum Christianity. No real meaning and no real substance. Prayer should evoke change.

For those of you who have been following our little walk, one of the topics for me is being cast into God’s river. Exciting, scary and well, scary! But the prayers from last night spoke directly to that fear. I might end up looking crazy in the eyes of the world, but to the Lord, I would only be doing His will. The moment that fear creeps in, is the moment that I am putting myself before God. Selfishness gets us nowhere.

Afterwards, I realized that collectively, men tend to pray more for the church itself, the building, the ‘structure’ and the logistical side of things.  What struck me about these powerful prayer warriors from last night, is in their prayers for the men, who are the church.

I also realized that we don’t hear enough from the women in church. A male dominated arena, it is all about scheduling and time flow. Is your church alive enough to know when the Holy Spirit takes over the morning worship? Or do you scuttle it to the side because time is growing long and the crowd, restless?

Men need to be a little more like Mary who sat at the feet of Jesus to listen, rather than going about all the busyness that Martha was concerned about. In that, men will find a more renewed spirit and thirst to do God’s will.

Okay, I need to be a little more like Mary so I can do God’s will.

So what is the synopsis of today’s blog entry?

  1. Today is going to mark the beginning of me stepping up, and stepping out.
  2. Realize that it is a journey, and that God trains us so when we get to where He wants us to be, we will be ready.
  3. Not be afraid to use the gifting that I have been given. A word of warning: A lot of people are not going to like that but I have been silent for too long.  I have been playing “nice” Christian in other words.
  4. Pray more earnestly. Find people that pray powerful prayer, not the meek, warm fuzzy prayers that make us feel good, but evoke no change of spirit.
  5. Push for more women to take on more up front leadership roles. Do not be afraid to lead! Rise to your gifts that Christ has given you.
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