Deuteronomy: A study of God’s law

Deuteronomy: A study of God’s law answers this question: “Does the book of Deuteronomy apply to Christians today?”

The book of Deuteronomy underscores the importance of God’s Word. Although we are no longer under the Old Testament law, we are still responsible to submit to the will of God in our lives. Simple obedience brings blessing, and sin has its own consequences.Serpent Cross of Moses

Deuteronomy was quoted by Jesus Christ more than any other book. Think for a moment, if you do not know and understand Deuteronomy, then how can you understand Jesus when he quotes it?


This bible study lesson: “Deuteronomy- Everything that you wanted to know about the Law but were afraid to ask! ” will look deeper into the Laws of God and try to answer these questions.

The love relationship of the Lord to his people, and that of the people to the Lord as their sovereign God, pervade the whole book. Deuteronomy’s spiritual emphasis and its call to total commitment to the Lord in worship and obedience inspired references to its message throughout the rest of Scripture. In particular, the division of the Hebrew Bible called the Former Prophets (Joshua, Judges, Samuel, Kings) is thoroughly imbued with the style, themes and motifs of Deuteronomy. Among the Latter Prophets, Jeremiah also reflects strong influence from this book.

Sample Lesson

Sample Lesson

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